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A Testimonial by Dr. Nicholas Dodman

Annie Bruce is a dyed-in-the-wool cats’ rights advocate and aficionado-good for her, good for cats, and good for you if you want to share in her insights by reading Cat Be Good. Annie lives for cats and champions their cause. If you were a cat you would want Annie on your side to campaign against the travesties  that may beset you. Annie has carefully considered how cats like to live, what they like to eat, what bothers them, and what causes them to act out what we perceive as their misbehaviors.

In Cat Be Good she shares her wisdom-painstakingly assembled over years and carefully organized and illustrated for the reader’s convenience.  You can learn why hairballs occur, how to recognize them, and how to minimize their occurrence; what catnip does to cats and why; the motivation for and environmental treatment for urine spraying; how to understand and redirect furniture scratching; and so much more (Annie firmly opposes declawing, as I do).

Cat Be Good also contains information about where to go to get additional information on products and resources, how to contact cat advocacy groups, how to donate to cat charities, etc.  There are cat vignettes, quotations about cats, even a poem Annie authored thrown in for good measure. Cat Be Good is basically everything a 100 percent cat person could possibly write down to help other cat owners do the best for their cats and thus prevent stresses that cause problems for both cats and their owners.

Annie has pulled no punches, spared no amount of research, and told it as she sees it for the benefit of cat owners-and, more important, for their four-footed feline friends. Anecdotal and empirical, mythical and factual, fun-filled and serious, Cat Be Good deals with all common cat issues as a text or reference. Read and enjoy.

Nicholas Dodman BVMS, MRCVS, DACVB
Professor and Behaviorist, Tufts University
Author: The Cat Who Cried for Help and If Only They Could Speak

What others have said about Cat Be Good by Annie Bruce:

This easy to read, basic, and sensible book will delight any cat owner, whether you are about to get your very first cat or you already have a multi cat household.”
Cat Fancy Magazine

“From the first sentence dealing with bringing that kitten home to the last chapter on how to say goodbye, the book had this veteran cat owner’s full attention and approval.”
—Rene Knapp, host of television show Pet Talk in Connecticut

“Cat Be Good is a great guide or gift for anyone who is thinking about sharing life with a feline friend.”
The Whole Cat Journal

“Bruce give readers the scoop on all things feline.”
Cats magazine

“A wonderful book and should be required reading for everyone who lives with a cat. It covers absolutely everything you need to know to live happily ever after with our feline pals.”
—Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM, Animal Protection Institute’s Animal Issues

“If you’ve got a hairball problem, Annie Bruce has the solution. Ditto for those disconcerting litter-box issues and sofa shredding incidents.”
Rocky Mountain News (Denver)

“An enlightened, common-sense guide for living with cats.”
The Animals’ Agenda

“Bruce successfully dispels in this fun, easy read some of the most common myths of the cat world.”
—ASPCA’s Animal Watch

“The book provides practical advice on cat behavior, including how to train a cat to come when called, eliminating aggression and other problems.”
Pet Business

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