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Cat Be Clawed

by Annie Bruce (author of Cat Be Good)

I feel so bad to be telling you this
Declawed cats bite, they growl and piss.
Adopt clawed cats is what I say
Don’t mess with cats that aren’t God made.
Clawed cats are smart and easy to train
Compared to vets, cats got way more brain.

Say “Hey there, cat doctor! Annie Bruce said,
“Stop declawing! Or I’ll look elsewhere instead.”
A guy or gal who thinks more of cats.
They’ll want first class homes. Not “last resort” threats.
And please tell us why these cats get so moody?
Oh well, they’re “just cats.”
AVMA kiss my booty.

Cats are smart. Clawed cats are great!
Cats need their claws and they need OUR strength.
To end this abuse takes more than me
To end it now takes us all you see?
Last resorts aren’t the way to go
If you want it to end, we all must say “NO!”

So if you want a cat that’s gonna be good
And safe around your friends and ‘hood.
Black clawed males are the very best
How declaws act, is any fools guess.
Besides all that, if something happens to you,
Wouldn’t you want your cat to pull through?
Feed, exercise and just talk to him right.
Neuter ‘n spay.
He won’t pee. She won’t bite.

Cats are smart. Cats are good
Cats kill mice in the neighborhood
Cats need claws to exercise
Cats needs vets humane and wise.

(AVMA is the American Veterinary Medical Association.)

In memory of Moses and all declawed cats who have suffered.

Someday declawing will end.

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