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Cat Products Quick-Reference Table

Most companies will send you a free catalog or information. (Information about cat foods, cat litters, and urine neutralizers appear in separate sections.)

Recommended Resources
Things to Buy Where to Buy Them
Felix Katnip Trees
These are covered with sisal fabric. Cats can scratch on this everyday and the post will still look great fifteen years later.
The Felix Company
3623 Fremont Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98103
Tattoos and registry number (see Tattooing Your Cat) TATOO-A-PET
1-800-TATTOOS (828-8667)
Convincing pet driver’s license with your cat’s picture and statistics; comes in different U.S. state licenses. These make great gifts. Cat owners get a kick out ’em!
Great gifts for cat lovers—books, clothes, home décor, videos and more
Pet supplies: cat trees, toys, combs, brushes, carrier cases, collars, catnip, hairball remedies, black light, litter mats, videos for cats to watch, etc. pet stores; internet; mail order; animal shelters; grocery stores; discount stores; hardware stores

Drs. Foster & Smith
comprehensive catalog just for cat supplies

Neutralizer for cat urine hardware stores; pet stores

Get Serious! Stain, odor, and pheromone extractor,

X-O Odor Neutralizer, natural and organic,

Urine-Off, Odor & Stain Remover,

Cat litter and litter accessories (see special section below +++Cat Litters Contact List below and +++Section 7, Cat Litter & Boxes) grocery stores, pet stores
Organic catnip, scratching pads, cat supplies, kitty oats, toys Cats Claws
Cat harness The SureFit Harness works great! Does not tug on neck, makes for comfortable cat walks.
Cat food (see Cat Food Makers) Natural pet food stores such as
Health food stores
Vitamins for cats health food stores, has a wide variety of supplements available for cats
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy health food stores
SpiritEssence-Energy Remedies for Animals and Their People
European-Style Pet Food Mix for Cats (a grains mix you add to homemade or canned food or plain yogurt) Sojourner Farms
1-888-TO-SOJOS (867-6567)
Natural pet food supplements Urban King

Ark Naturals

Nature’s Menu
1-866-FEED-RAW (333-3729)


Halo Vitamin Mineral Mix,

Shedding comb, grooming tool The FURminator,
Cat shampoo Natural pet food stores,,
Hairball remedies Natural pet food stores,,

Cat-Lube Hairball & Digestive Aid by Veterinarian’s Best, 1-800-866-PETS,

Hair Ball Gel by Vetbasis, 1-888-414-7387,

Green Herb—great natural herbs for humans and pets.
Green Herb, LLC
1-888-765-HERB (765-4372)

Heavy fabric or plastic to protect sofa; crochet hook to repair snags; twist upholstery pins to attach protection to sofa fabric store, hardware store
Cardboard scratching pad (great price!)
Trader Joes, 1-800-SHOP-TJS

Sticky Paws For Furniture
wide double-stick tape to deter cats from scratching the sofa
Fe-Lines, Inc.

Outdoor animal deterrents Contech Electronics Inc.
Makers of the CatStop and ScareCrow
Toll free 1-800-767-8658
Carpet cleaner for cat vomit vacuum stores; carpet cleaning companies
Digital thermometer; a roll of nonskid rubber mat, useful for keeping things on shelves that cat normally knock off; underpads drug stores or discount stores

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